By Amanda Weston

The hit Freeform show "Shadowhunters," which began into its final episodes of the series Monday night, has taught star Katherine McNamara a thing or two about her own strength, the actress told Cheddar.

"This is something that I give so much credit to the writers of 'Shadowhunters' for doing, is that every female character on our show is empowered and is strong and fights her own battles," McNamara, who plays Clary Fray, said.

McNamara, a self-described "small human," said that when the show debuted in 2016 she didn't think it was possible to be both strong and small.

"But through the trainers of this show and through everything else, I've learned that I actually can be and my skill set has increased," McNamara said. "And so just seeing so many characters on television together that are truly strong, independent women of all different kinds, hopefully it shows people out there that the strong, independent woman isn't just one woman."

Monday night's episode resolved a major mid-season cliffhanger that left fans wondering if McNamara's character was dead or alive. The actress revealed she was still on the show, but teased big changes ahead for Clary in the show's final episodes.

"Without spoiling too much, what I can say is that I am in the final 12 episodes, but in a very different capacity," McNamara said.

McNamara's co-star Dominic Sherwood recently appeared on Cheddar, but was also tight-lipped about spoilers. However, both hinted the final episodes will be explosive.

"Anything you think you're sure of, anything you think is on solid ground is not," McNamara said. "We take everything in these last 12 episodes and we turn it on its head. It's our bloodiest season yet, and it is a true roller coaster. We have these beautiful, wonderful, romantic moments. We have devastatingly, gut-wrenching, sad moments, and some truly terrifying stuff coming."

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