Cheddar has been covering the biggest news of the week with some of the biggest names. In case you missed it, we've pulled together some of the highlights that will keep you informed as we get ready for the week ahead.

Sherri Shepherd Talks New Show

Comedian and actor Sherri Shepherd is gearing up for the fall launch of her new nationally syndicated talk show Sherri. She joined Cheddar News' Between Bells this week to talk about prepping for the show, replacing the iconic Wendy Williams, and what she learned from the once-upon-a-time radio shock jock and TV host. "I just want to come in there, and I want to make you feel good. I want to make you feel inspired. I want people my age, especially women, to feel like you know what, I can do this, it's not over, I'm ready to try it because Sherri did it," she said.

'Making the Cut' S3 

Supermodel Heidi Klum and fashion consultant Tim Gunn joined Cheddar News this week ahead of the Season 3 premiere of Amazon Prime Video's Making the Cut. The show follows 10 designers from around the world who compete to become the next global brand. "Fashion is global today, and it will continue to be. If anything, it will continue to be more global, and we're very honored and thrilled that 'Making the Cut' is a part of that and even a kind of catalyst for it," Gunn told Cheddar News.

Chatting with Bobbi Brown

Makeup artist Bobbi Brown joined Cheddar News' Between Bells to talk about the new season of her podcast The Important Things. She talked about what fans can expect and the type of content she'll be presenting, much of which will be centered around women's issues. "I never thought my TikTok was going to blow up the way it has, and I think people are really just ready for simple information, for quick things, for authenticity, and truth, and not a lot of blah blah blah talking but more takeaway things," Brown said when asked why her show continues to be successful in a crowded podcast space.

Waka Flocka on Fatherhood and Peace

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame joined Cheddar News ahead of the premiere of the third season of his reality show Waka & Tammy. The show follows the life of the pair and family, but this season things are different as he and Tammy Rivera navigate getting separated. Waka Flocka also talked about finding joy in farming. "Going through separation, you start finding other personalities and other things that give you peace. So, those cows, they're my babies," he said.

CeCe Winans New Music

Gospel music artist CeCe Winans joined Wake Up With Cheddar this week to discuss her new live album and upcoming tour. She's scheduled to hit the road starting in September with the tour running through November. Winans also talked about her friendship with the late Whitney Houston. "We used to laugh a lot. Whitney was a cut-up, and we had a good time. The times she would come to visit me and go to church with me, those are just precious memories," she told Cheddar News.