Robleh Jama, Product Manager at Shopify, joins Cheddar on the day it launched a new app called "Arrive." Arrive is a consumer-facing app that syncs up with your email to capture tracking information and put all your package delivery information in one place. It also acts as a concierge and sends alerts to the users on when their orders will be shipped. This even works when ordering from websites not associated with Shopify. Shopify says it wants to solve consumers' problems and in a recent study found that tracking packages it a stressor for customers. The average American is expected to wait on 4 orders simultaneously this holiday season and nearly half report they have dealt with tracking issues connected to an online purchase During the recent Black Friday holiday, Shopify merchants sold more than $1 billion of products. Jama talks about how the rise in mobile ordering has changed the way the company thinks about future apps and products.