Should Publishers Worry About Facebook's New News Feed?

January 19, 2018
Updated 6mo ago

Facebook’s Lindsey Shepard stands by the company’s latest news feed update, despite reports that users are sharing less about themselves on the platform.

“We actually send out thousands of surveys, really every single week, to hear from our community about things that are working for them, things that they love, and also things that honestly, we can be doing better,” the company’s Director of Product Marketing for News Feed, told Cheddar.

“What we’ve heard from people is that when they’re interacting with friends and family, when they’re having those thoughtful discussions and conversations, that feels like time well spent,” Shepard said.

The changes announced last week de-prioritize posts from publishers and brands in an effort to increase user engagement. While Facebook argues only pages with low engagement will be impacted, some outlets fear alienation, with the company even admitting users will spend less time on the platform.

The move may seem ironic given Facebook's recent push to get publishers to invest more heavily on content. But Shepherd isn't worried.

“What’s good for people, and what makes people really enjoy their Facebook experience, is really good for anyone that’s leveraging Facebook for their business."

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