Cheddar Host Tim Stenovec sat down with Jon Oringer, CEO and Founder of Shutterstock, to discuss the growth of video and photo content. Recently, the company bought Candian rival Flashstock, which is now named Shutterstock Custom, for $50 million. Oringer says he's looking to Canada to expand the brand, but the company is reinventing every day in all areas. Shutterstock Custom will work with brands to get their products into stock photos or video. He talks about growing its video and photo library by over 50% last quarter. Plus, Google has created an algorithm that gets rid of the watermark on Shutterstock's photos. Oringer talks about how the company fought back against Google to make sure its watermarks weren't being removed. Oringer also gives advice to anyone starting their own company: make sure you take on every single role yourself. He says that it's so important to start with a culture that everyone is valuable and everyone can help pitch in. It will help grow the company substantially.