In the new era of digital marketing, brands and influencers are scrambling to pile up as many followers as they can, but not all followers are created equal. The quality of followers is in focus now more than ever after a revealing report from The New York Times put the spotlight on the fake follower problem. Alex Taub, Co-Founder & CEO of SocialRank, an online service that enables users to identify, organize, and manage their followers on Twitter and Instagram, was with us to discuss how brands can optimize engagement.

SocialRank just launched a new tool, SocialRank for Content, which let's customers know why a specific post did so well, by analyzing its engagement. Taub explained how this will help brands improve their social media performance. The new product will enable brands and agencies the ability to drop in a tweet or post and generate a SocialRank report based on who has engaged with it.

Comment management on Instagram is a challenge for brands and public figures. SocialRank for Content on Instagram is focused on helping these brands so that they can filter and sort through the comments based on what the accounts said, how big their audience is, and a number of other things. Taub said the company is also working on a tool for finding fake followers.