As the #MeToo movement sweeps Hollywood, some wonder when it will take hold of Silicon Valley. Patty McCord, Former Netflix Chief Talent Officer and author of "POWERFUL: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility," joins The Hive to discuss gender inequality in Silicon Valley.

In terms of what Silicon Valley is doing to curb gender inequality, McCord says companies are looking at how to recruit talent more carefully, putting women in power positions, and most importantly, paying people what they're worth. She strongly believes paying employees based on their value to the company, rather than the standard salary, is the solution to the gender inequality issue. McCord talks about the culture at Netflix, and says that the streaming platform pays close attention to the recruitment of women. When Netflix was getting into the streaming hardware business, she was recruiting from large firms that were largely male-dominated. She says it was very difficult to find a woman for certain tech roles.

Overall, she encourages people to start having real conversations about issues happening in real time. McCord says a breakthrough is happening and she's sure people are starting to pay attention.