With Hollywood productions being halted due to the coronavirus, the cast and crew of the CBS drama All Rise had to act quickly. With only having about half of the season finale episode filmed, the showrunners pitched a Zoom-produced episode to the network — thus solving their problem. This groundbreaking feat of creativity is a first for most in the entertainment industry.
Star of the show, Simone Missick, told Cheddar's Nora Ali what it was like to film this quarantine episode. 
"It definitely made wrapping at the end of the night a lot easier. All you had to do was walk downstairs to your kitchen" Missick said with a chuckle.
Being that this might be the new normal for Hollywood for the foreseeable future Missick expressed her appreciation for her hardworking co-workers saying, "It definitely makes me appreciate our crew" and adding that "they're a phenomenal group of people."
Missick, who made history by portraying the first African American woman superhero cast member on TV in the Marvel Netflix series Luke Cage, is also making history by being one of the first African American women to lead a show on CBS. 
"It's important to be able to inspire people and allow people to see themselves reflected on the screen," Missick said