Sir Mix-A-Lot's iconic 1992 hit Baby Got Back has transcended decades and found new life thanks, in part, to Chex Mix.
The snack and cereal maker is bringing its bagel chip back to life after removing them from all of its bags in 2009. But to bring the chip back, the snackmaker leaned on Sir-Mix-A-Lot  and his iconic hit to get the hype around its mini bagels buzzing.
"I've always worked in a place where I controlled everything. It was all me, my stuff. And these guys had some messages they needed put in rap form and they made sure that I got them done," Sir Mix-A-Lot told Cheddar News.
While the Chex remix of Baby Got Back starts off with the words "I like my Chex and I cannot lie," the rapper gave some insight into where he got the idea for the original song.
"The song was really about my frustration with the way African American females were presented in show business. They were always playing maids [or] the smart mouth neighbor on comedy shows," he said. "I think the beauty of Baby Got Back is that it made those sisters understand that somebody had their back in show business."
With a song that has remained fairly relevant for the better part of 30 years, Sir-Mix-A-Lot talked about what factors led to the life of the song lasting as long as it has.
"When people make a gigantic pop song, it's never intentional," he said. "It was banned while it was number one. Think about that. So it became the forbidden fruit, which gave it legs."