Sitata CEO Says App Embraces AI to Keep Travelers Safe

In an effort to help travelers stay safe, an app called SITATA is using artificial intelligence to alert people to potential dangers and disruptions that arise while away from home.
"What we do to try to help you stay out of harm's way is monitor the world's news and social sources. Millions and millions of data points are feeding through our system in multiple languages. And our software is very good at detecting the types of things that might be a nuisance for you, or be a big risk for you, when you're traveling," Adam St. John, the CEO of SITATA, told Cheddar.
"We filter those out, and we're able to deliver that information to you based on your GPS location or your itinerary," he said, explaining that the app — its premium version costing $59 a year — might update users on a disease outbreak or political unrest, such as the recent protests in Hong Kong.
The company was founded in 2012, but in the last month incorporated a telehealth function. The company has also added a feature that allows managers to track their employees' GPS locations.
Regarding privacy and data security, he said: "We are handling sensitive data location. We're handling positions. We're handling risk information. And, to a certain degree, some personal information."
"We have gone through full security testing, penetration testing, and so on. We do work with multinational insurance companies and financial institutions, so we have been put through the ringer in terms of privacy and security safeguards and measures," he said.
He added the app also allows users to set up "privacy zones" which will prevent SITATA from collecting data while traveling within certain locations.
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