Matthew Myers has been the Dean of the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University since August 2017. Myers has been working with the leadership team at SMU to continue attracting students to SMU and building out their STEM program collaborations.

While Business school enrollment is down overall, SMU is doing their part to attract talent and interest. Myers explains that enrollment is down for a number of reasons. MBA degrees are more expensive than undergraduate degrees, and as undergrad programs continue to improve in the field of business, the education gap between the two programs is decreasing.

Myers also explains that SMU keeps an eye on NAFTA. Myers says that Mexico is a huge partner of Texas and SMU. He also notes that the general rhetoric out of Washington about immigration impacts what the strongest students in Latin America think about pursuing an education in the U.S.

For the Cox School of Business, tech is a huge focus. The Cox Business School works closely with the engineering school in order to integrate classes and enable students to have a multi-faceted education and career. The Master of Science in Finance degree offered at the business school will be STEM designated next in Fall 2018.