As technology becomes a more integral part of people's lives, different professions are learning how to use it to their advantage. One of those groups is real estate agents. Michael Meier, Real Estate Broker & Coach at Meier Real Estate, joins Cheddar to explain how he uses Snapchat and Instagram to connect with buyers and sellers in New York City. He explains that before social media, real estate agents would spend upwards of $30,000 to create a video marketing campaign for one property. Now, he just takes a few unedited videos and shares it on Snapchat...for free. Now, most agents don't automatically sell a property right from social media. They use it as a tool to show clients homes, teach other real estate agents new to the job, and increase their client base. Meier says that it isn't just the physical technology that's changing the real estate game, it's also the booming tech industry and its employees. People who work at big tech companies are increasingly more dependent on their real estate agent to do the heavy lifting and advise on certain properties. They also have the money to spend on luxury houses or buildings.