By Zane Bhansali

Snoop Dogg and John Singleton's highly-anticipated video game, "Fear and Respect," was cancelled mid-development 13 years ago. Now, Snoop Dogg wants to bring the game back to honor the late director's legacy.

"Man, that game was going to be hard," Snoop told Cheddar Esports' Erin Ashley Simon at his Los Angeles compound. "We had really put together a real story that was like a motion picture, but a few things got dropped behind the walls. But I think it was a great idea, and it should be revisited in the memory of John Singleton."

Singleton, who died in April, was most well-known for his 1991 directorial debut "Boyz n the Hood," a compassionate and elegiac portrait of South Central Los Angeles. "Fear and Respect," which was being developed by Midway Games up until its cancellation, would have marked his first foray into the gaming industry. Snoop was to lend his voice and likeness to the game's main character, Goldie.

"I think it was like, if you've ever seen "Boyz n the Hood," "Menace to Society," and "South Central" ー if you've ever seen those movies, this video game was like a depiction of all three of them put together, with me as the main character," Snoop told Cheddar Esports. Gameplay-wise, the title was an open-world action-adventure game, with the sole trailer immediately drawing comparisons to Rockstar Games' 2003 hit "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas."

Although the cancellation of "Fear and Respect" marked the end of Singleton's video game aspirations, Snoop is still intimately involved in gaming. This week saw him host the third edition of his "Gangsta Gaming League" in concurrence with E3, and he's previously streamed himself playing everything from "PGA Tour" to "Mortal Kombat."

In fact, Snoop says he currently has another game in development. "I got one in the works right now. We're over in China talking about it. So once it gets pushed in China we'll give it to the rest of the world," he said, cracking a smile. "But I go to China first 'cus they pay a whole lot more than y'all do."