Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin has been a performer and singer for years. It has always been difficult to source and vet talent last minute when she needed to find or replace a makeup artist, backup dancer, or light technician. That's why the artist and entrepreneur launched SohoMuse. The 7th generation Vanderbilt sat down with Cheddar to discuss the new social network, which is still in Beta. SohoMuse is invite-only, and requires a high level of vetting. Vanderbilt believes this will create a safe and successful place for artists to connect. When asked how she continues her family's legacy, Consuelo says the family name pushes her. She is also proud to continue the legacy of connecting people across the US. At first, the Vanderbilts did it through railroads, and now Consuelo is hoping to do so with SohoMuse.