By Britt Terrell

Nancy Pelosi, the once-and-perhaps-future Speaker of the House, may be the best fundraiser in Washington ー for both parties.

The California Democrat said earlier this week that she would run for Speaker if her party wins a majority in November's midterm elections. That has some members of her own party worried that younger leaders won't get an opportunity to step up and conservatives energized to block their most recognizable liberal foe.

"Nancy Pelosi has become the Boogey Man for Republicans," said Phil Wegmann, a reporter for the Washington Examiner. "They don't have Barack Obama to pick on anymore so she has become their foil and what's happening right now is Republicans are making her the face of the opposition."

Pelosi, now the minority leader in the House, helped pass the Affordable Care Act in 2009 when she was briefly Speaker. She also saw through Dodd-Frank financial regulations. Her liberal credentials make her a reliable fundraiser, bringing in $16 million for Democrats in the first quarter of 2018.

There's a flip side.

"Nancy Pelosi, hands down, is the best fundraiser in all of Washington because she's fundraising not just for Democrats but also Republicans are using her to write them checks as well," said Wegmann in an interview Thursday with Cheddar. "If you love her, you're going to write a check for her. If you fear her, you're going to write a check against her."

Some Democrats are worried that Pelosi is a liability they can't afford, and wonder whether she should step aside as party leader to make room for new leadership after the 2018 midterms and ahead of the 2020 election to give Democrats a better chance at a majority and the White House.

Representative Joe Crowley, a Democrat from New York, has expressed interest in becoming the leader of the party, but said he will not run against Pelosi.

"If she loses her career is over" said Wegmann. "If they lose, they will say it's directly because she provided an opportunity for Republicans to attack them."

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