If early reviews are any indication, Snap’s decision to overhaul its messaging app may have backfired with its key teen demographic.

And Daily Beast reporter Taylor Lorenz says the changes may not bring in enough “older” users over the age of 25 to make up the difference.

“It’s going to have to provide a more compelling use case for them,” she told Cheddar. “Older users are not looking to chat on it. A lot of them use other chat platforms -- Stories has been taken over by Instagram.”

Snap has seen backlash from younger users over a complete redesign that was rolled out globally last week. When announcing the new look, CEO Evan Spiegel said the changes separate the platform from the rest of social media and strengthen its relationship with users and the media.

Lorenz says that could mean the app becomes more of news destination, but whether the strategy pays off remains to be seen.

“They’re hoping to have 10 thousand tiles on the right hand side, so that’s a big opportunity to sell ad inventory. But I think they’re going to need to come up with more unique products, and I think they’re going to have a really hard time competing with Facebook and Instagram who have so much data.”

And for those hoping the company will revert to its old design, Lorenz says not to hold their breath.

“There is less than a zero chance, I’m so sorry to all the youngsters out there. There’s no going back, unfortunately, for them.”

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