SoundCloud Turns Up the Volume

December 14, 2017
Updated 6mo ago

SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor joins Cheddar to discuss the launch of a new home experience to help users create personalized playlists. He talks about how this feature will help shape the vision of the company and what the future looks like for the music streaming company.

Trainor took over as CEO in August, after the company raised $170 million and went through significant layoffs. At one point SoundCloud was valued at $700 million, now it's down to around $150 million. Trainor talks about focusing on good content and developing a strong relationship with creators. He talks about creating different streams of revenue by investing in creator tools and options for monetization.

Plus, Trainor believes repealing net neutrality is the wrong move and would undermine what the internet was created to do: innovate without permission. He says it will reduce consumer choice and would be a big step back for America is it's repealed.