SpaceX announced Tuesday that it raised another $100 million in its Series H round of funding. That brings the total round to $450 million. As a result of its latest funding round, SpaceX is valued at over $21.5 billion dollars. Hanneke Weitering, Writer at, discusses what the space exploration company is planning to use that funding for. The first major project on SpaceX's agenda is launching its Falcon Heavy rocket. Weitering says she has heard rumors that the launch will take place December 29. Weitering also explains why the federal government stepped in to stop a rocket launch in the Mojave Desert. A civilian called "Mad" Mike Hughes built a rocket using scrap metal that he planned to launch 1,800 feet into the air. The Bureau of Land Management prevented him from doing so, since he originally planned to launch his rocket from public land. Weitering says Hughes is planning on moving the launch to a private location a few miles away.