SpaceX getting a chance to make up for that failed rocket launch last year, which ended in a disastrous explosion. Israeli company Space Communications is getting one free launch as it tries to bring internet access to remote parts of the world. Sarah Lewin, Associate Editor at joins Cheddar to talk about how SpaceX gained back the company's trust She explains how the original launch ended in a fiery explosion, something that had never happened to SpaceX before. She believes it was a setback for Elon Musk's company because its Florida launchpad was destroyed in the process. The new SpaceCom mission is to put a new telecommunication satellite over Africa, bringing the continent access to the global internet. Plus, get ready to ride that gravitational wave! Researchers have discovered that two neutron stars have merged in space, creating detectable ripples in space-time. This is the first time researchers were able to cross-reference the waves and see what causes them.