Are we sending a laser rocket to space?! Will Goodman, Managing Editor of Rockets Are Cool, joins Cheddar to discuss SpaceX's secret November mission, codenamed "Zuma." The payload doesn't appear in any public documents, leaving many to wonder what the company is planning. Goodman says we don't know if it's a type of weapon or even a space laser, but we do know that the mission will use the Falcon 9 rocket. So what do we know about this payload? It doesn't have the specs to be a satellite or any type of imaging technology. Goodman also says that the launch date has been narrowed down to between November 10th-30th. He says that if SpaceX is launching some type of missile, it would need to put out multiple disclosures to the public, so unless we see something like that by the beginning of November he doesn't think that's what's in store.