A judge has decided to allow a special master be appointed to review documents taken from former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate last month. The DOJ has argued this is pointless because it already has done a review to separate anything that could fall under attorney-client privilege. The move could slow down any investigations because the judge, who was appointed by Trump, ordered the DOJ to freeze any use of the seized items until the special master is appointed and completes their review.


ELIZA FLETCHER: Police are working to identify a body found during the search for Eliza Fletcher, a teacher and mother of two, who was abducted during an early morning jog in Memphis on Friday. Investigators say there are signs she suffered "serious injury" after she was chased and forced into an SUV. Suspect Cleotha Abston is due in court today. He previously served nearly 20 years for abducting an attorney and was released less than two years ago.
CANADA ATTACK: At least one of the two brothers suspected of going on a stabbing spree in Saskatchewan is dead. Ten people were killed and 18 others were injured in and near an indigenous community on Sunday. One of the suspects was already serving a federal sentence and has been on the lam since May when he stopped meeting with his parole officer.


Students are returning to school in Uvalde, Texas, today for the first time since a gunman killed 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in May. State troopers will be stationed at the schools this morning, but there is still plenty of apprehension among the students and their parents.
A make-shift memorial to honor the victims of the shootings at Robb Elementary School. [AP Photo/Eric Gay]


NEW UK PM: This morning Boris Johnson is meeting with Queen Elizabeth II to formally offer his resignation after a scandal-ridden term as prime minister. Liz Truss will take over the role, promising to address the high costs of living ASAP. 
UKRAINE NUKE PLANT: Shelling has forced the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant to cut off power again. Fighting on both sides has raised concerns about the possibility of damage to the plant. IAEA inspectors braved the fighting to get to the plant last week and two remain to monitor the situation.
RUSSIAN EMBASSY ATTACK: A suicide bomber attacked the Russian embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan on Monday, killing at least six people. An ISIS affiliate has claimed responsibility.


NASA has decided to let the launch window close for the Artemis rocket…at least for now. Rocket scietisist were not able to get a fule leak under control and have decided no launch right now is better than risking it. (Ed. Note: We agree.) No date has been set for the next attempt. Whenever it does go up, it'll mark an important step in science's attempt to send humans back to the moon.
Artemis is grounded? It must have made its parents really mad.


MEN: If you didn't know the name Frances Tiafoe, you probably do now. Fans were going crazy as the American tennis player, seeded 22nd, knocked out number two Rafael Nadal at the U.S. Open. There has been upset after upset in the men's tourney this year, with the top seed Daniil Medvedev also getting knocked out this weekend.
WOMEN: It was a good run, but Serena Williams may have played her last match at the U.S. Open. The star, who announced just before the tournament that she's preparing to end her pro career, lost this weekend to Australia's AjlaTomljanović.


What is the "social cost of carbon?" A new study suggests the figure is about three times more than the Biden Administration currently values it. That disparity could have serious consequences for climate change mitigation efforts in the future, reports Cheddar News' Chloe Aiello. "The more weight you put on the future and the more we care about the future, the bigger this number is going to be," Richard Newell, Ph.D., co-author of the study, told Cheddar News.
Social cost of carbon? We definitely can't count that high.


This weekend Instagram took down Pornhub's account. The sex site's account didn't appear to post anything pornographic but was promoting it's main content, which defintiely wouldn't meet the social platform's terms of service. Meta, Insta's parent company, hasn't stated why it pulled the account, which had more than 13 million followers, although a critic of Pornhub shared a screengrab that suggested it was removed for violating community guidelines.
Don't worry. Pornhub's accounts are still up on Twitter and YouTube.


MIC DROP: The Weeknd canceled his concert mid-song in Los Angeles on Saturday night and told the crowd he lost his voice when he screamed. He apologized, promising refunds and new show date, over a chorus of jeers and boos. His next concert is scheduled for Sept. 13 in Sweden.
Bring back the bandages:
REVIEW DELAY: Amazon is putting a three-day hold on reviews for new shows. It actually started around the launch of the A League of Their Own series, but it's getting noticed now that The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is out. The company hopes this will hamper internet trolls from trashing the show. The series received 25 million views on the first day. 
AD-SUPPORTED TV: Although the buzz is about Netflix and Disney+ adding ads, free ad-supported television — otherwise known as FAST — has been successfully getting viewers to watch streaming content with commercials. Cheddar News’ Michelle Castillo took a closer look at Samsung TV Plus and found signs of success that competitors may want to make note of
Nothing in life comes free unless it includes advertising.


Tired of the delays, cancellations, middle seats, and rude passengers on commercial flights? Well, companies like Tailwind Air are expanding the seaplane game. Cheddar News' Alex Vuocolo spoke to a company exec about how it sees itself as part of an emerging trend in urban air mobility, where high-net-worth customers are increasingly willing to shell out to avoid busy commercial airports or even commuter train lines.


We know we've been on a dog kick for Pet of the Week, but for those of you who prefer your animal buddies to be more feline, we're here for you today. Meet Meadow, one of the many lovable animals up for adoption at the ASPCA Adoption Center in NYC.