Spring is just around the corner so in preparation, Cheddar News spoke with Armen Adamjan, @creative_explained on TikTok, to help you tidy up with some cleaning hacks. The tips include using everyday items you might have already in the home.
Mirror Tea Time
In the morning after finishing up your favorite cup of tea, instead of simply trashing the teabag, repurpose it into a cleaning agent to wipe away grime on mirrors. The tannic acid found in tea will help leave the mirror streak-free.
Grapefruit for the Porcelain
Grapefruit is also a powerful, naturally-occurring stain remover. Its citric acid makes it the perfect cleaning agent to break down soap residue, limescale, and hard water stains. Coupling the fruit with a pinch of salt can also take it to the next level in household tasks — cleaning porcelain sinks and behind your toilets.
Quick Clog Fix
So drains can get backed up for a number of reasons: hair in the pipe, chunks of food lodged in the drain, or maybe even oil or fats. Instead of seeking out expensive plumbing help, try grabbing some baking soda, a few drops of vinegar, and then add hot water after five minutes. The results? An unclogged drain done in minutes without the burden of a big bill.