Sprint Launches New Partnership With Hulu

December 6, 2017
Updated 7mo ago

Sprint just launched a new partnership with Hulu, offering the streaming service to its Unlimited subscribers. Doug Garland, Sprint's VP of Innovation and Partnerships, joins Cheddar to reveal why the relationship makes sense for both parties. He says he thinks the telecom company can play a meaningful role in helping consumers find premium content.

As for why Sprint chose Hulu as its content partner, Garland singles out the streamer's ability to let viewers watch "last-night's TV, tonight." The VP notes the major increase in how often smartphone users watch content on their mobile devices. Garland adds that the introduction of 5G technology will drastically expand the capabilities of on-the-go streaming.

Finally, we consider whether Sprint would ever get into producing its own content. While he says he "never says never," Garland says the company excels as a network builder, and does not have the personnel to fully invest in original content at this stage. While the carrier might not be getting into original content production, Garland does credit Sprint's strength in content-based marketing.