By Conor White

Now that the Justice Department has made it known it intends to appeal the AT&T/Time Warner merger, Sprint and T-Mobile are watching closely to see what it means for the future of their deal.

"Their situation, our situation, is very different in many ways," explained Dow Draper, Chief Commercial Officer at Sprint. "All that will get sorted out by people that are a lot smarter than me, and right now we're just focused on driving the best value for customers we can."

Sprint's next step in that process is introducing two new plans: Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Plus. Basic offers a subscription to Hulu and global roaming, while Plus adds on a subscription to streaming music service Tidal, 15 GB of data, full HD streaming capabilities, and more.

"We're really starting to tailor this to people's needs," said Draper. "It used to just be talk, text, and data. Now we have content, music, global roaming, all those different things."

In an interview Friday on Cheddar, Draper explained these plans were built for Sprint customers, by Sprint customers.

"We did a lot of consumer research, because we wanted to make sure we were doing the right thing for the customer, not just coming up with a plan for the sake of coming up with a plan."

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