Start Training to Make Six Figures As a Financial Analyst

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Looking to make a career change? Do you daydream about all the fantastic things you could do if only you got a pay raise? We know that taking the leap into an entirely new job can be nerve-racking, but if you choose the right role, your career and wallet will both benefit. A great example in the finance industry: CFAs take home over $175,000 annually.
Interested? We thought so. Here’s the deal: Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholders apply their skills in many positions throughout the global finance industry, including investment management. To become one, you need to pass the CFA level 1 exam, which means you should jump on the chance to get the All-In-One CFA Level 1 Exam Certification Prep Bundle for only $40 right now.
This course bundle allows you to study on your own time with access to expert-led instruction, so you get all the benefits of a teacher without any of the time or financial commitments. Nine courses cover everything you need to know, from key concepts in micro and macroeconomics to advanced financial reporting and analysis. 
Among the courses is the 4.6-star-rated class on equity investments, providing a structural overview of financial markets and their operating characteristics. The class on quantitative methods, rated 4.5 stars, introduces quantitative concepts and techniques used in financial analysis and investment decision making. Learn about ethical and professional standards from Professor James Forgan, Ph.D., CFA’s 4.4-star rated course, complete with practice questions and mock exams. 
That’s just a taste of the valuable knowledge you’ll get from this course pack, which is rated an impressive 4.5 stars with 5,016 enrolled students. Whether you've always wanted to be a financial analyst, love keeping up with finance news, or are just motivated by the salary, this course pack will prepare you to make the career move you want and deserve. 
Don’t wait – get the All-In-One CFA Level 1 Exam Certification Prep Bundle for $39.99 (Reg. $1791) and start changing your life today.
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