The mattress industry is estimated to be worth around $15 billion. So it's no surprise that there are countless mattress and box mattress companies vying for a piece of the pie. What actually is surprising, is that start-up Nectar did $35 million in revenue their first year.

Craig Schmeizer, co-founder of Nectar, joins Cheddar to explain why his company has been so successful. He said Nectar uses big data to better understand what the consumers want out of their mattress and mattress shopping experience. Nectar offers a one-year trial period because Schmeizer is convinced once consumers test their product, they will be pleased.

Schmeizer is bullish on the future of the mattress market because he says consumers will continue to need new mattresses at the turning points of their life. He also weighs in on the egg drop test that other companies use to show the stability of their mattresses. Schmeizer says Nectar's product speaks for itself.