It's been a wild ride for Bitcoin this week. Cheddar Anchors Tim Stenovec and Baker Machado speak to an early investor in this cryptocurrency, Jalak Jobanputra, to get her take on this market.

VC firm Future\Perfect was founded in 2014, and was an early investor in cryptocurrency start-ups. Jobanputra is the firm's Founder and Managing partner. Jobanputra says the announcement from CBOE and CME that they will begin futures trading for Bitcoin soon drove up price and excitement this week.

When comparing the cryptocurrency craze to the dot com bubble, Jobanputra says while there was a bubble the technology is ubiquitous. Jobanputra believes blockchain technology will stay around, and disrupt industry. Future\Venture Partners invests in start-ups including Everledger, Civic, Bitpesa, and Abra.