Startup Podcorn That Connects Podcasters to Advertisers Raises $2.2M Seed Fund

Podcorn co-founder and co-CEO Agnes Kozera
August 20, 2019

A nascent startup called Podcorn announced today that it has raised $2.2 million in seed funding to build a marketplace that will connect podcasts with advertisers looking for sponsorships.

The self-service platform is set to launch in early October.

"What we really want to do is provide a way for brands to be part of the conversation. So, not just programmatic ads that are dynamically inserted into content, but having brands be part of the podcast," co-founder Agnes Kozera told Cheddar.

"You can think of us as an automated matchmaker where podcasters are matched through machine learning to opportunities based on certain criteria."

Kozera says these partnerships will help produce more compelling sponsored content. "You can think of more conversational storytelling, more inquisitive interviews, panel and roundtable discussions, branded series, and that type of creative content," she explained.

The company plans to focus on independent podcasters looking for ways to monetize their shows. Kozera said that Podcorn will take a 10 percent cut from both podcasters and the companies looking for sponsorships.

She said that the seed funding will go toward expanding the company's staff.

In 2016, Kozera and her co-founder David Kierzkowski sold the app FameBit, a service that connects marketers to influencers, to Google for an undisclosed amount.