By Michael Teich

The internet continues to be a growing source of information for billions across the globe, but not everything that appears true can be trusted. Image-authentication startup Truepic is using technology to help combat fake news and misinformation by authenticating images on the web.

"It's a free app that anyone in the world can download and capture verified images and disseminate them across any media platform they'd like," Truepic VP of Strategic Initiatives Mounir Ibrahim told Cheddar.

Truepic's technology, which is used by entities like the U.S. State Department, has two core features. Controlled Capture proves whether an "image or video is true at the point of creation" and uses "blockchain to create immutability of that image and video," according to Ibrahim.

The second key feature is Truepic Insight, which Ibrahim describes as a tool for handling digital image forensics.

"When any image taken at any time is on any social media feed, our technology will be able to access the veracity of that," he said.

To enhance its technology, Truepic has joined forces with Qualcomm ($QCOM).

"We're looking at ways in which we can work with their Snapdragon chips to move our trusted verification further down stack and increase the ability and the veracity of images," Ibrahim said.

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