By Hope King

Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry has added a fourth title to his resume: NBA player, investor, entrepreneur ー and now executive producer.

Curry's first feature film, "Breakthrough," is slated for release on April 12, 2019.

"I know people will love it," the three-time NBA champion told Cheddar in an exclusive interview on Friday.

Curry has been branching out from basketball in multiple directions. He has also signed on as an investor and advisor to Palm on its minimalist new tiny phone companion, which is designed to be unobtrusive and roughly the size of a credit card.

His aspirations to build a media business may seem foreign to some, but to those who have been following players in the NBA closely, it should not come as a surprise.

The Golden State Warriors' point guard is just the latest player to try his hand at content. He's following the lead of Richard Jefferson, J.J. Redick, and C.J. McCollum in the podcast field and LeBron James in Hollywood, with "The Shop" on HBO, "Space Jam 2", and "Friday the 13th" films.

"For a lot of guys, it’s finding things they’re passionate about, using their platform and personality," Curry, 30, said with a half-wink, "And bringing that to the table."

"We all have the opportunity to inspire and to connect the dots [about things] that are important to us," he continued. "I think a lot of guys are taking advantage of it to the fullest ー and I kind of want to be a trailblazer in that sense too."

Curry said his film is an example of that kind of passion project.

"The story of 'Breakthrough' will touch people no matter where you come from," he said.

The movie is based on a book by Joyce Smith, "The Impossible," and tells the true story of the author's son, John, who fell through ice, drowned, and was declared legally dead before being revived "through power of prayer."

"Breakthrough" marks one of the first projects Curry has announced since launching his media company, Unanimous Media, earlier this year. It will be produced by DeVon Franklin who, Curry said, "has a successful track record of bringing stories like this of hope and faith to life."

The story represents the kind of message Curry said he wants to send through Unanimous' works.

"We want to empower people ー to give people a sense of hope, no matter what you believe in," he said.

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