Jason Del Rey, Senior Editor at Recode, discusses the IPO filing from personal styling company Stitch Fix. Del Rey notes off the top that what is impressive about the company is that it actually built its business off of cash flow - something not often seen in tech firms. We also talk about Stitch Fix's pricing model, which has been successful because it fits within so many different consumer price points. And as Amazon releases "Amazon Wardrobe," which also allows users to try on clothes before purchasing, what threat is faced by the soon-to-be-public company? Del Rey notes that what separates Stitch Fix from others like it is its combination of algorithms with personal stylists who pick out clothes for subscribers. We also talk about the company's growth and expansion. Recently, Stitch Fix has offered more high-end options and has expanded into menswear and plus-size markets. And that's all just in the U.S. The potential for international expansion remains to be seen.