By Amanda Weston

One packaging company is helping cannabis-lovers go doubly green with sustainable, multi-use containers. The mission of STO Responsible is to combat the cannabis industry's single-use plastic problem ー and boost its sales in the process.

"Packaging drives sales. That's just something we know in all business," Sandra Elkind, co-founder and chief creative officer, told Cheddar Tuesday.

"But it's one of the only industries that has such strict regulations on packaging, that producers have a hard time being able to create packaging for their products, so they are stuck using what's on the market. And in addition, they have very little choices for sustainability."

The company's containers were specifically designed for the the cannabis industry, achieving what Nicole Elkind, co-founder and CEO, called the "first line of sustainability."

"We see the first line of sustainability [as] being something that will be multi-use rather than single use, which we've designed it to be exactly that," Elkind told Cheddar.

"In addition, it's recyclable. On top of that, we have partnered up with a product that coats this in basically enzyme food. So when this product ends up in a landfill ー similar to a fish tank where you put the food on the top and all the fish come swimming and are eating the food ー this becomes food to the micro-organisms and the enzymes that are in the landfill."

Sandra said her products' end of life is less than five years ー compared to material that would take up to 500 years to break down.

The Elkinds said they took steps to ensure the packages are child- and pet-resistant.

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