By Samantha Errico

StoreMe wants to solve travelers' "schlepping problem," according to the company's CEO and founder.

"This service is convenient, on-demand, and it's totally affordable," Peter Korbel told Cheddar Wednesday.

The on-demand app allows travelers to search a location, input the number of bags they have, and make a reservation. That way, as travelers are passing through cities, they can enjoy the sights sans luggage.

Pricing varies by size of travel item: a small bag costs $2 for one hour and an additional $1 every subsequent hour. For a large bag, the first hour is $3 and every subsequent hour is an additional $2.

According to Korbel, all of the company's locations are near "major access points, like New York City's Penn Station. Beyond New York, the service is available in Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

As for the future, Korbel said he's eager to grow his business and eventually expand his service to include private homes as storage locations.

"As StoreMe grows, I think the business is very well-positioned to extend its services from businesses into retail homes. Imagine the writer, the blogger, the freelancer that's looking to offset some of their expenses being able to store luggage short-term," he said.

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