By Chloe Aiello

Following the runaway success of Netflix's "Bird Box," the hilarious and dangerous "Bird Box Challenge" took the internet by storm, inspiring thrill- and attention-seeking fans to film themselves attempting to navigate the world while blindfolded. As with the Tide Pod Challenge, Yodeling Walmart Boy, and the Yanny/Laurel debate ー once a meme goes viral, it is almost impossible to trace its origins.

Jessie Woo, a comedian and co-host of the forthcoming Twitter ($TWTR) show "Power Star Live," says she's pretty sure she knows how the memes take hold ー and it's time those conversation leaders from Black Twitter get the recognition they deserve.

"If you didn't notice, 'Bird Box' was on Netflix ($NFLX) for a little bit, but once Black Twitter got a hold of it and the memes started flying, [tens of millions of] views happened in one week and that's to the credit of Black Twitter," she told Cheddar Thursday. "So we want to make sure Black Twitter gets its just due."

The power of Black Twitter, the name given to a loose network of black Twitter users behind both viral memes and social campaigns, is the premise of "Power Star Live," a 30-minute show that will live stream every Wednesday on the social platform. Woo and co-host, popular blogger Xilla Valentine or Blogxilla, aim to dissect how the Twitter users influence pop culture ー and in so doing, give a mic to pop culture conversation leaders so they can be heard over the viral clamoring.

"A lot of times when you're looking at Black Twitter, when you're looking at trending topics, you don't know where it's coming from, you just see it's trending. 'Power Star Live' is going to be able to hone in on who is leading these conversations," Woo said.

Outspoken celebrities, like Kanye West or Cardi B, will be a big focus of the show, but "Power Star Live" won't exclusively feature high-profile names.

Literally anyone can go viral these days.

"It doesn't have to only be about celebrities. It gives a voice to the everyday person, you know, everyday people go viral just with one tweet," Woo said.

"Power Star Live," produced by Will Packer and Will Packer Media, launches Wednesday, Feb. 6 and will stream every week from 4-4:30 p.m EST.

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