Acura and Sundance have partnered for eight years now, bringing the latest films and events to Park City, Utah. Alyssa Julya Smith sits down with Charlie Sextro, Senior Programmer from Sundance Film Festival to talk about some of the must-see films on the docket, as well as some of the biggest events.

Acura is also hosting a dedicated space called the "Sundance Village Presented by Acura," right in the heart of the festival. It's open to the public, and people can warm up and experience the Acura AR experience. Sextro also talks about some of the events happening during the festival, including Acura's "After Hours," where people can watch free shows and concerts.

Sextro, who is part of the selection team for the films that are entered into the festival, reveals some of the latest and greatest films premiering at the festival. He says there were a few films that could be career-defining for some young actresses, making comparisons to Jennifer Lawrence in "Winter's Bone," which also premiered at the film festival.