Sundance Film "We The Animals" Celebrates Boyhood and Coming of Age

January 19, 2018
Updated 7mo ago

"We the Animals" is a passion project for director Jeremiah Zagar who adapted the story from the novel by Justin Torres. Alyssa Julya Smith sits down with director Jeremiah Zagar, and actors Sheila Vand and Raul Castillo to talk about the film, which is ultimately a story about family.

Zagar discusses the process of bringing his favorite books to life on the big screen and the process of working with the Sundance incubator to make that happen. He also discusses casting three first-time actors in lead roles.

Vand and Castillo chime in and talk about how they made the set feel like a family, and how they spent a lot of time together to create that family bond. The film premieres for the first time at Sundance Film Festival.