Each Pi Day, we celebrate the well-named number that describes the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Students across the country will try to remember as many of its infinite digits, and plenty of people will celebrate with delicious pie. In honor of Pi Day, here are a few tried and true recipes from across the web that we have enjoyed over the years.
To Start: The Crust
All Butter Pie Crust
Typically, I like to start with pre-made crust; rolling out dough is not my favorite part of baking. But I certainly can't argue that a well-made crust at home will blow a pre-made one out of the water every time. Sally's all-butter recipe is delicious and simple to make. The recipe yields two pie crusts. Even if you only need one, I recommend making the full recipe and freezing the extra.
The Pies
Key Lime Pie
For a fresh tropical burst, key lime may be the king of pie choices. (I'm willing to hear arguments in favor of lemon meringue.) I've made this recipe from Brown Eyed Baker several times over the years and it's always been a hit. I never use actual key limes, so fear not if you have to use the limes at your local grocery store. One note: this key lime is topped with fresh whipped cream. If you prefer a meringue topping, you'll have to source that recipe elsewhere.
Apple Hand Pies
Want to share your baking with friends and family? This is a great recipe in the fall when you end up with tons of apples at the peak of flavor but don't want to make tons of full-sized pies. The hand pies are easy to put together assembly-line style. Pro tip: don't skimp on the filling! You won't be sorry if you overfill.
Chicken Pot Pie
This chicken pot pie recipe feels so satisfying to make. It's full of fresh but familiar ingredients. It also doesn't require a traditional crust. Instead, you prepare and mix together the chicken, vegetables, and other ingredients, then drop biscuit batter right on top. The pot pie is delicious, and I really enjoy the biscuits pre-soaked right out of the oven. 
Untested Recipes That Look Interesting to Us:
Vegan Chocolate Pie
A graham cracker crust with minimal baking? Yes please! The filling is blend-pour-refrigerate.
Vegan Pie Crust
If your pie has no dairy or eggs in it, all that needs to change is the crust. Here is a butter-free, lard-free option.
Gluten-Free Pie Crust 
The Spruce has served us well with other recipes, so we'd give this gluten-free option a try next time we're looking for an alternative.