T-Mobile just announced plans to launch a disruptive new integrated mobile and home video service in 2018 via the acquisition of Layer3 TV. Layer3 TV is a service that integrates TV, streaming online video content, and social media. Amir Rozwadowski, Telecom Analyst at Barclays, joined us to discuss the implications of the deal.

Rozwadowski believes the Layer3 TV acquisition seems to be a low cost move to into the evolving distribution game. Management expressed Layer3 TV is being purchased mainly for its team and technology. Due to this outlook, the Barclays analyst thinks the video service will take time to scale. Since Layer3 TV is still in such early stages of integration, Rozwadowski says it's tough to predict the complete impact on the overall telecom sector.

The race to 5G is another hot topic for telecom companies. The analyst says the technology will be able to deliver "dynamic capacity on a real-time basis." He says it's still early, but Verizon is emerging as the leader in 5G.