Flying Point Brewery brews upwards of 150 barrels a day, or about 2,000 cases. Baker Machado heads to the New Jersey brewery for a guided tour from founder Gene Muller. He walks us through the facility's high-tech equipment, and takes us through a beer's journey from the brewing vat to the bottle.

Flying Fish prides itself on its sustainability. Muller breaks down the tech the brewery uses to keep its environmental footprint to a minimum. This year alone, Muller says his company will recycle more than 750 tons of used brewer's grain to be used as cattle feed. Flying Fish also generates reusable hot water by condensing the steam from its brew kettle.

Muller also discusses the company's history. It started as the world's first virtual microbrewery in 1995. He opened the original brewery in 1996 before moving to the much-larger current location in 2012. Finally, Baker and Muller share a toast with a minutes-old bottle of freshly-brewed beer.