No matter how much you like to drink whiskey and gin, you probably don't know how it's made. We change that with a guided tour of the New York Distilling Company led by co-founder Allen Katz. He shows us how the facility makes and bottles its five types of gin and whiskey.

The New York Distilling Company is about to celebrate its sixth anniversary. Katz says projected 2018 sales range from $1.5 to $2 billion. Those figures are based on approximately ten thousand projected case sales for this year alone. The numbers are primarily gin-focused, but now that the company is making a rye whiskey, it expects to capitalize on increased inventory and interest overseas.

Katz says the earliest distilleries in Brooklyn date back to the 1700's. During Prohibition, the facilities either shut down or went underground. Today, the New York Distilling Company is returning the tradition of premium spirit production back to the borough.