Apple reports earnings November 2nd after the bell, and all eyes are on what the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus can do for revenue. And don't forget about the hype surrounding the iPhone X! Eric Ervin, CEO of Reality Shares, and Jason Moser, Analyst at The Motley Fool, join The Long and The Short to break down what to expect from Apple's earnings report this week. Moser doesn't think the iPhone X hype will impact earnings forecasts at all. He says Apple isn't exempt from the competition in terms of pricing and says investors should be looking more closely at the actual hardware. When it comes to Apple's Services segment, Ervin believes people aren't paying enough attention to what's going on behind the scenes of the technology. People often forget that its the software and artificial intelligence that pulls all of Apple's products together. This is the technology that is keeping these customers loyal. As for insight into iPhone revenue, Ervin doesn't believe the higher-end model's cannibalization of the iPhone 8 will hurt Apple in the long-run. Plus, how much will iPad sales contribute to Apple this quarter? Moser says the real story will be more about the things customers buy off the iPad than sales of the actual device. He believes Apple needs to take a page from Amazon's book and really figure out how to monetize auxiliary purchases.