By Tracey Cheek

Taking Back Sunday is growing up.

The band that started in the early aughts as part of the emo scene is about to turn 20 years old ー and to celebrate, it's releasing an evolved rock album, "Twenty."

According to bassist Shaun Cooper and drummer Mark O’Connell, the album is a combination of old and new: two fresh songs, “All Ready To Go” and “A Song For Dan,” and 19 hits from their head-banging past.

The members of the Long Island-born band are now based in multiple states, but they managed to collaborate across state borders.

“We worked on some of the songs on Long Island and then John and Adam live in North Carolina,” Cooper said. “We emailed stuff back and forth and we all flew down to North Carolina, worked on the songs, and they came out great.”

The band is going to kick off its world tour on Jan. 9 in Australia, and will eventually travel to Asia, South and North America, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany.

“We’re going to be playing our first three albums: 'Tell All Your Friends,' 'Where You Want To Be,' and 'Louder Now,'" O’Connell said. In some cities, there will be a two-night show, and the band will choose the albums played each night with the flip of a coin. Literally.

“We’re going flip a coin so you’re never exactly sure what you’re going to get each night, but we’re going to do it live on stage,” Cooper said.

“We have special coins and everything.”

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