Does talking about money with your spouse usually end up in a fight? David Bach, Co-Founder of AE Wealth Management and Author of "Smart Couples Finish Rich," joins Your Cheddar to explain how to turn those fights into millions. He talks about value-based financial planning. If you don't know "why" you are saving your money you won't save anything at all. He suggests writing down your top 5 values and comparing them with your spouse's. You can then look to spend and save money in ways that align with your core values. Plus, how should you separate the money you're saving? Bach splits it into three different baskets: "retirement," "security," and "dream." Decide how much money you will pay yourself first and put that into the retirement basket. The security account should have up to 6 months worth of expenses set aside. And your dream account is for any leftover money you want to spend on a vacation or a house. Bach also talks about how technology has changed the way we look at money. We don't connect to it anymore, since we just whip out our phones and pay for everything instantly. He calls it the "The Latte Factor."