The coronavirus has impacted business practices across the globe. At a time when everybody is forced to be apart, some companies are responsible for keeping businesses, employees, and families connected. Tami Erwin, Executive VP and Group CEO of Verizon Business, joined ChedHER to discuss how her team is responding to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.
The Verizon Business team has employees and customers around the globe, and so the response started taking place about 60 days ago as the coronavirus was impacting Asia and Europe. Erwin, who leads the $32 billion B2B practice, told Cheddar that its key priorities are keeping employees safe and making sure they are available to meet the needs of customers in a crisis environment.
"We've had incredible opportunities to serve customers in unique and different ways as they expand their connectivity, they expand their VPN tunneling so that they have their access into their business systems, they set up remote locations they might not have otherwise planned," explained Erwin.
Earlier this week the U.S. Navy hospital ship Comfort, arrived in New York City to help with the city's overburdened hospitals. The team at Verizon played a critical role in making sure the ship was set up with the connection it needs.
"We've been part of for example the Comfort as it came into New York several days ago, meeting that ship as it came in to provide core connectivity," said Erwin. "We create the networks that move the world forward, and if there's ever been a time that's true, it's now."
As a woman business leader in the tech world, Erwin also encouraged women out there to take an active role in the 5G process. She explained how women should face fear head-on, despite the current environment filled with anxiety and uncertainty. 
"Women need to be a part of what's happening with technology or they will be left behind," said Erwin. "I believe that as we move into the fourth industrial revolution, fueled by 5G, this will be the opportunity for women now more than ever to really seize the moment and lead."