America currently finds itself in the middle of a "bourbon boom." The popular drink makes for a great base in lots of holiday cocktail recipes. Cheddar's Kristen Scholer reports live from Maysville Whiskey Bar in New York City on some of the tastiest cocktails to try this season. She's joined by Woodford Reserve brand ambassador Walter Easterbrook, who invites her behind the bar to share his secrets. Easterbrook mixes up three drink recipes including the "Kentucky Pike Punch," the "Manhattan Your Way," and the "Double Oaked Egg Nog." He explains what goes into each cocktail, and gives a helpful breakdown on the differences between popular types of whiskey. He also reveals why he thinks bourbon is becoming so popular, especially during the holidays. Easterbrook discusses why the holiday season is so lucrative for the alcohol industry. Americans spent more than $9.7 billion on beer and another $4.8 billion on wine over the holidays in 2016. Whiskey peaks at 27% of spirit sales between August and March, meaning fall and winter are officially whiskey season.