Karine Jean-Pierre, Senior Advisor at MoveOn.Org, and Jon Miller, White House Correspondent for CRTV, discuss recent Gallup and Quinnipiac University polls that reveal an overall distaste by the American people for the latest Senate Tax Reform bill. They also weigh in on the RNC's embrace of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, and what that means for the Republican Party.

Jon and Karine go head-to-head on tax reform, with Jon asserting that it's a cut that will benefit all, including corporations. Karine challenges Jon, arguing that there will inevitably be cuts to medicare, medicaid, and programs that benefit the middle class and lower income households.

We also discuss President Trump and the Republican National Committee's endorsement of Roy Moore for the Alabama Senate seat, and what that means for the GOP. Jon adds that the move is controversial, noting that he understands picking a candidate that will benefit the Republican agenda, but also sees the issues that come with someone accused of sexual misconduct.

Karine discusses the hypocrisy that comes with the RNC endorsing a candidate that she calls a "pedophile" when the party is supposed to be one of family values.