Jon Greenberg, staff writer for Politifact, discusses the House and Senate tax reform bills and some of the rhetoric surrounding the legislation coming from the Republican Party. Greenberg notes that the process "lends itself to exaggeration on both sides," adding that President Trump should be careful about making statements that claim this tax overhaul will be the biggest tax cut ever. So far, the House has passed its bill while the Senate, with its own version, is currently still debating. Greenberg says it's important that individuals look at the details of each bill to determine how it impacts them. Members of the GOP have claimed that there will be cuts to every income group, however that does not mean for every individual in each group. The Senate bill includes a repeal of Obamacare's individual mandate, which requires every American to sign up for healthcare. The CBO says that millions of people will lose coverage, but an exact number is still unknown. We also discuss the popularity of the individual mandate in the U.S. President Trump claims that it is widely unpopular with Americans. But just how true is that?