Kelly Weill, reporter for The Daily Beast, discusses the battle in Washington over a rewrite of the tax code. The House passed a bill on Thursday as the Senate is set to vote on its own version Friday. Tax reform is at the top of President Trump's agenda for his first year in office. After the struggles Congress has faced in passing healthcare, tax reform might be the administration's last hope to get major legislation in before 2018. The Senate has its own version of the bill, but is struggling to wrangle the support it needs. Weill notes that the House and Senate bills still have a long road ahead. The two pieces of legislation are significantly different from each other, and even if both pass their individual chambers it will take a compromise to come up with one that passes both. We also speak with Weill about Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who faces more and more allegations of making sexual overtures to underage women. We talk about the GOP's seeking to distance itself from the candidate. Weill says that's why the party is making such a push to pass tax reform now, before the special election. We also discuss the allegations of sexual assault against Senator Al Franken, asking Weill whether she believes the GOP had anything to do with pushing this story. She says we are living in a time where women are taking these types of issues more seriously and that just because these accusations are coming out at a key political time, does not mean we should be taking the accounts any less seriously.