Tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Twitter will once again face Congress this week to testify in the Russian election meddling investigation. Daniel Ives, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Technology Research at GBH Insights and Scott Kessler, Director of Equity Research and Analyst at CFRA join The Long and The Short to discuss which platform will be affected the most from this trial.

Facebook announced a new News Feed where "meaningful content" will take priority over "relevant content." Ives says that this change could actually be good for the company in the long term. He doesn't believe it will impact publishers or user growth as much as people are afraid it will. When it comes to testifying on Capitol Hill, Kessler believes Facebook will be on the defense and take a firm stance on defending its platform.

Plus, Twitter's stock spiked after Facebook announced it was changing its News Feed. Kessler thinks Twitter is the one company that hasn't answered questions from Congress regarding Russian meddling in the election. He talks about Twitter's long road to improve upon certain operations.