Ted Chung is the founder of marketing firm Cashmere Agency, which focuses on multicultural campaigns for brand all over the world. Cheddar visits his Los Angeles location to talk about how brand marketing is changing, and what brands need to do to stand out from the crowd when it comes attracting millennials.

Chung discusses the importance of focusing on multicultural marketing, and how brands need to fully reflect the people who are purchasing their products. He also practices what he preaches by employing 90% multicultural employees, and 50% of the company's leadership roles are women.

Chung is also Snoop Dogg's long-time business partner and a co-investor in many of the artist's entertainment ventures. Chung explains how he met Snoop, and how they started working together almost 10 years ago. The duo are currently working on a Netflix project called "Coach Snoop," a docu-series following the rapper and a group of kids in his Snoop youth football league. The series will be out at the beginning of 2018.